Do you work from home?

After covid19, Australians still work from home, those who do could be eligible to get a return on items including lighting, heating/cooling of home office, stationery, internet costs and office equipment.

The ATO recently changed important policies regarding working from home tax returns, from July 2022 you can claim up to 677 cents per hour when working from home, an increase from 52 cents previously. However, make sure to keep documents as proof to the ATO as they changed their documentation requirements to be stricter.

Do you study whilst working in a career path?

If your studying you may be able to claim textbooks, course feeds, accommodation and meals if you study away from home. However, your course must be relevant to your current career, must improve your skills and the course must be likely to increase income from your current career.

Take control

Whilst its certainly tempting to rely on pre-filled data from the ATO it could be hurting your return! Banks pass along information as late as august meaning crucial data could be out of date, remember the responsibility is on you to have the correct information!

Lets go Back to the basics

Simple mistakes can hold up tax returns so make sure your data is correct, your spelling is perfect and your bank retails are exact!

This year the ATO has finally joined us in the modern world finally accepting electronic copies of receipts legitimate!