This has created motivation for employees to ask the big questions such as, ‘Can I have a pay rise?’

If you are considering asking for a pay rise consider these things before going in all guns blazing. 

Choose the Right Time

One of the best times to approach this topic is during a performance review which most modern workplaces engage in at least once a year. 

If things are going well this can be the perfect time to ask for a pay rise with employers thinking about your positive hard work. 

It’s also worth considering how the business is doing at the time of asking, if things are not going well then you could expect a no. 

How to Approach the Conversation 

Begin by asking for a confidential conversation with you and your management, preferably in person as well. 

You need a good reason for a pay increase so have your reasonings already well thought out and presentable.

Remember to highlight the positive reasons why you may want a pay rise and not just focus on external economic factors. 

Bring along evidence and explain individual times you’ve proved yourself. 

At the end of the day your convincing someone to give you more money for the work you are doing. 

Remember to Negotiate 

Based on research and your own feeling, head into the meeting with a goal figure you want to achieve. 

Remember to keep this figure private as explaining it can force an employer to cut you short of what they have to offer. 

Remember to always come in with confidence, the worst they can say is no!