There are many kinds of work experience available for students to undertake. Every type of experience is valuable in different ways and it is important to make the most of every experience! 



  • Having this during your studies counts as excellent work experience
  • You are able to build valuable employability skills and experience which can then benefit finding a jobn directly linked towards your future career



  • Give back to the community and put skills to use
  • Find an organisation, charity or project that is related towards what you are studying or what your career goals are 



  • This is a 'professional' work experience within a company and is usually paid
  • Larger companies have established and structured work experience and internship programs available
  • These are highly valued by employers
  • Treat the application process the same you would a professional job or graduate program 


No matter what kind of work experience you undertake, you should make the most of the experience!

Remeber that you've got this! Be a team player, keep it professional, ask good questions, embrace the challenge, leave a good impression and network, network, network!