Landing a new job is an exciting time and can bring about surprising opportunities.

Whether you’ve had many jobs or are getting ready to start your first, having a handle on those work jitters could help make the day a success. Consider if it might be worth trying some of these tips for your first day:

1. Plan out your route in advance

Knowing how to get to work is one of the most important parts of your first day. Try to visit the workplace before your first day, plan out your route and travel time, and set alarms to allow plenty of time to get there.

2. Early to bed, early to wake up

Getting plenty of sleep and giving yourself enough time to wake up will mean you’re not rushing to work. This will leave you feeling refreshed for the big day and can boost your mood and energy.

3. Do some research

Finding out more about your new company is a great way to show your commitment. You could ask if there are any computer programs you should be familiar with or look up a few tutorials in advance to have some knowledge to call on.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If there’s something you don’t understand on your first day, the best thing you can do is ask. By having the courage to ask, you show that you pay attention to your work and are willing to learn.

5. Write notes

If given information or instructions, keep a pen and notepad ready to write it down. This will give you a guide to follow while you’re settling in and show that you’re committed to learning how the business operates.

6. Show your initiative

Try taking up the tasks that people put forward. However small, it’ll get you acquainted with the inner workings of the business and teach you some handy tips.

7. Make some friends

Speaking to the peers around you can help to get some familiarity going. Break the ice to take that first big step in building a good rapport with your new co-workers.

8. Conversation starters

Getting to know the people you work with can make a huge difference in connecting with them on daily tasks. Try to think up some talking points to win over your co-workers, such as food, shows, pets or hobbies.

9. Adopt a positive mindset

A big step in entering your new job with the right attitude is to think positive. By using positive affirmations and being friendly to people you meet, you’re setting yourself up to receive the same.

10. Take the opportunities

If you’re invited out for coffee or lunch with your colleagues, why not tag along? Spending some time with colleagues might help you get to know everyone better, which could make working together more comfortable.

How Jobedge Can Help

Our Jobedge Job Coaches are experts when it comes to reaching your job goals and helping you realise your full potential.

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