Remove distractions

Procrastination is often the result of distractions. To avoid procrastination, you should remove as many distractions as possible, especially those that are easy to access. By hiding your phone, browser tabs and podcasts in a box or cabinet out of sight, you can reduce your chances of being distracted by them and will be able to focus more on getting your work done.


“Work first” mentality

Visualize your day before it happens. Make sure that you are prepared for all of the tasks that are scheduled and plan accordingly. This will drastically reduce the amount of time you spend trying to prepare, and instead allow you to begin your job with positive thoughts.


Create a means to remain focused

Procrastination is a complex problem that involves several changes in behaviour. A person who procrastinates may experience tiredness, exhaustion, stress and other emotions. These emotions distract people from the task at hand and make them more likely to put off work until later.Procrastination is a serious problem in today's world. Everyone who is bitten by the procrastination bug can develop stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and even depression.


One way to prevent procrastination is to change your behaviour. For instance, if you're tired from working all day, take a quick break and walk around the office. If you're stressed out and need to unwind, grab a stress ball or go for a quick run. If you need help focusing on your work, get some caffeine into your system by drinking coffee or tea.


If you have a big deadline coming up, consider taking a break after lunch and giving yourself time to do something fun. This is sometimes referred to as the "zombie lunch" because you walk around like a zombie, but it will make you feel rejuvenated, which will help you finish your work in a timely manner and prevent procrastination!


Take all these points into considertation and remember to be both consistent but also forgiving with yourself as you work your way to less procrastionation!